Don’t Be Melloncholy- Legolas x Tauriel Fanfiction

Hey, everyone! I know I haven’t been posting in a long time. I also haven’t been using the reader much lately either. Not sure when I’ll be getting back on track, but with summer break nearing, it’ll definitely happen! I’ll have more time, and exciting experiences to share! Wooo!

Anyways, I’ve started a new fanfiction, revolving around the Legolas and Tauriel (Legriel) ship in Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit! Here’s a quick summary.

When the dwarves are thrown in jail, and the orc raids continue, Tauriel knows that something big is happening, although Thranduil may refuse to acknowledge it. When she and Legolas defy the elven king’s orders for the sake of a larger problem– an evil that must be ended– their forbidden feelings for each other only expand. With each passing day, hiding their love for each other grows more and more desperate and painful, and eventually… it becomes impossible.

I’m writing this fanfic on Wattpad, so I can hopefully get feedback and comments!

Enjoy the story!


I don’t think any of you are into LOTR, but if you are, then YAAAAASSSSS!



Have any of you guys read Warriors?

Moving! New site link below!

I read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter when I was little. If you don’t know, it’s about clans of cats that fight and fulfill prophecies.

I used to be so obsessed. It was my first big fandom- although I didn’t call it that because at the time I wasn’t familiar with the word yet.

Some of my friends, including my sister, were also obsessed, so we often played “roleplay” together. The main thing we played together was Warrior cats, and we loved recreating the series by choosing our characters and crawling around meowing and going on quests for prophecies. And rubbing our butts along the floor to scent our territory.

We also created some fanfictions (although we did not call them that, because again, we did not know this kind of “terminology”). If you would like to see some, please like and comment!

There was one BIG story I made with…

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Hello, everyone! Huge announcement! For the very first time, I will be hiring workers on Fantage Echo! Here’s some important information for you.

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I will announce the results later! Thank you so much!