Ice Cream At Movie Tryouts

Movie tryout. I’m dat ice cream. Hidin’ from the haters eaters, and hugging the tree.

Fantage weirdos 1

I asked the host if I could be the ice cream (it was hsd), and she said yes…

Fantage weirdos 2 PE Class.

Fantage weirdos 4 I switch flavors.

Apparently now it’s a prom.

Fantage weirdos 5

Fantage weirdos 6

Fantage weirdos 7

Idrk. I’m announcing a “prom queen” and I choose–don’t remember her name, I’ll just call her Bob– and Bob says “thank you, but you should be prom queen” and I’m like “ty ty ty! O.O But why?”

Or something. TuT


Ice Creams At MyMall

I go to MyMall with the intent of selling some stuff…

Fantage weirdos 8 …But someone tries to eat meh! ll insert the surprised face action from Fantage here ll

So I’m like, ll hides ll, ll becomes uneatable ll, ll becomes poisonous ll, etc.

Since I was poisonous, chu died! ;D

And “djed” shows on Fantage! Yay!

Fantage weirdos 9 The poisoned one becomes an ice cream. A bystander becomes an ice cream.

Fantage weirdos 10 We talk for a really long time. xD

Ily two!

But I forgot ur names! TnT

The vanilla ice cream is Jade something.

I forgot the banana one! I didn’t get to add her.



Random Matching Hair Moment

I know it’s not unusual or special or anything, but… idk.

She talked to me, so….

And I found it interesting that (in the first picture), my speech bubble covered that girl (in the back)’s mouth perfectly, so it looked like a normal line.





Percy Jackson

I found a Percy on Fantage! And I’m Annabeth! ❤

Btw, I saw and added him on a side account, which is why there’s only one buddy.



More Ice Cream!! ❤










*More coming soon!*


3 thoughts on “Memories

  1. the pic ( click it to zoom ) is saying werk it ice cream on the pic you said you dont know what you where saying fyi


    1. Yup. When I was posting it, I couldn’t click it, so I didn’t know what it was. After I posted, I saw what it was. It was blurry before. I just didn’t feel like updating. I might later, though.

      Liked by 1 person

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