Hall of Fame Tips

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen… TIPS FOR THE HALL OF FAME!


If you wanna get into the Hall of Fame, do this!

  • Find a less crowded server. The less people, the more of a chance you have.
  • For “Fantage Decorator”: You just need a lot of furniture items. If you don’t care what your house looks like, just place all your items in there! I’m sure a lot of you have lots of furniture items from the free luckybot coupons from Daily Attendance.
    • If you do care, find a way to fit more items. Got a lot of the same item? Put them on top of each other, so that only one shows, so you can save room, but all of them count towards your item list!
      • Make the items small.
      • Get a bigger house.
      • Hide some small items that you might not like as much behind bigger items. People won’t see them, and they count!
  • For Trendsetters: Get more trendsetter items
    • When shopping, go to the items list to find something that you like, and is a trendsetter item.
    • Level up and get the free level locked items. Especially members… they can get all the items and higher levels.
  • For Rookies: Get premium membership! When you become a mem, you automatically level up many levels. You can check the Rookie list at the end of the week (the list resets each week)
    • Try to level up a lot in one week! (Try Fashion Show or something.)
  • Great Estates: Get more homes. It’s the only way.
  • Game Rankings: Play games. Try to get a high score!
  • Everything else (Pros, Legends, Real Time, Royalty, All Time, etc.): This isn’t as simple. You have to work really hard to get in some of these rankings.



Any ideas or thoughts? Comment below! ^-^

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