“Famous” Fantagians

Note: These are not all famous. Some are top fantagians (Hall of Fame), some I’m not sure about, some are fantagians I randomly heard about, and some are bloggers/youtubers.

Is cherrydrops24 famous-ish? Idk why, I just recognized her name.

Fantage cherrydrops 1

josh5710. Not the most famous one out there, but…

Fantage Josh 1


Fantage Eshel2012

I saw him in downtown, and well… it looked like he was being pretty rude to some fantagians.

Hall of Fame (Random)

Fantage Famous People Hall of Fame

lizzypinkie692. Someone I heard about from Fantage Spy

Fantage lizzypinkie!!



Fantage civic princess 1


Fantage gianna 1

Marshmelon.com: toocie2005 and emmieyk

Piink Perfection, Amira, Preethi

More coming soon.



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