Fantage Comics

3/15/15: I have recently gotten into making Fantage comics!

Fantage Comic 1Sorry for the incredibly small picture. Click to enlarge.

I know… it’s kind of stupid. And it’s REALLY  cheesy.

Guess what… I submitted it late aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Seriously though… I finished it earlier, but I forgot to submit it. The last few days, I was like, I can’t keep forgetting! I’ll submit as soon as I get on Fantage today.

And then I forgot. Again. Like twice.

I submitted it after, when I remembered, but it had already changed, so…

I didn’t know when they would change the template.

Fantage Comic 2It’s kind of like an ad for Daily Attendance.

Fantage Comic 3 (Elementally Rivals)

State your opinions about them in the comments. 🙂

Fantage Comic 4MyMall Comic

Fantage Comic 5 (A Mysterious Figure)A Mysterious Figure Comic

I’ll post the next comics when I finish them.


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