Fantage Edit Orange and Green 1 EnlargedMy first edit (I know. I tried.)

English ProjectThis is an edit I made for an English Project– a “Prepositional Playground”– where I made six people on a volleyball team, and wrote a paragraph including prepositions to show the positions of the players. Credits to Kagamine-Riny (Deviantart) for the outfits and shoes; I modified/recolored them a little bit. [Yes, I know, it’s horrible. I didn’t know how to recolor the faster way or use the transparent tool, so there was a lot of messed up placing….]

Fantage Edit Medevial Townsperson Enlarged😛 At least the top part is okay.  Free to use, no credit needed.

Fantage edit blinking 1 enlargedBlinking edit. I didn’t know how to actually make a gif.  Free to use, no credit needed. (Although I don’t really see how someone could use it….


When I made the following edits, I actually knew how to use the transparent selection and how to recolor way faster. (I used to do it pixel by pixel. -_-)

Fantage Edit Bunny Girl Enlarged“Bunny Girl”. I actually really like this one. She’s cute.

Fantage Edit Combining Chloe and Alice Hairs EnlargedCombination of Chloe and Alice Hairs. This took FOREVER– Putting Alice Hair under Chloe at the exact spot, fitting in the mannequin shape so that the base’s whole face would show, placing it on and off the base, editing so it wouldn’t block the entire body.


Fantage Edit Blonde Bun and Fluffy Blonde Ponytail Combo EnlargedBlonde Bun and Blonde Ponytail combo. (It looks strange…) Free to use, no credit needed.

Fantage Edit Bombshell Hair Without HeadbandBombshell Hair without headband.  Free to use, no credit needed.

Fantage Edit Hair Recolor 1Idk what this hair is called… I recolored it. Free to use, no credit needed.

Fantage Edit Hair Thing 2Or this one. Free to use, no credit needed.

Fantage Edit Purple Hair RecolorOr this one. This is a recolor. It used to be purple. Free to use, no credit needed.

Fantage Edit Recolor Tootsie Pink HairRecolor of Tootsie Hair. Free to use, no credit needed.

Fantage Edit Cool Cat with HatCool Cat Hair w/ Hat (From Chic and Sophisticated Hair). Free to use, no credit needed.

Fantage Edit Custom Pack 1Custom Pack– hair, top, bottom, shoes, pendant, and weird “vine accessory”. Please credit me if you use!

Fantage Edit Hair Thing Without BowIdk what this hair is called, but I’m pretty sure it’s limited. I just edited the bow off of it. Free to use, no credit needed.

Fantage Edit Separate Dress Items 1Separate Items From A Dress. Free to use, no credit needed.

Fantage Edit ActionsActions bases. Free to use, no credit needed.


No using YET. I’ll have to find a way to make them the right size, or whatever. And idk what name I should go by for crediting. 😛                                                    If you would like to use one of these edits, please comment, and I will try to respond you quickly about whether to credit…. I don’t really know yet.

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Commenting your opinions and thoughts is more than welcome!

If any of you know the names of any items in my edits that I don’t know, please comment to let me know!



4 thoughts on “Edits

    1. Yay! My two favorites of the five are the Bunny Girl and Chloe/Alice Hair. I thought Bunny Girl would be more realistic for a profile pic… If I did the hair, it would be weird, base or no base. I could add clothes though…..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually recently found this website to make gifs, and I made one. I just haven’t posted it yet.
      I will check out the website you use and try to make more Gifs.
      Thanks for your support, information, and advice.


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