Now Hiring!

Check out my changes for Spring! ^_^

Fantage Echo preview

Hello, everyone! Huge announcement! For the very first time, I will be hiring workers on Fantage Echo! Here’s some important information for you.

If you want to apply, please send me the following form with your answers.



fantage.pngThis is a Fantage blog, so if you’ve never played Fantage and you’re not going to…. sorry, but I won’t be hiring you.

captain america language.pngPlease keep it family friendly! No cursing or “bad” words.

spam.jpgPlease do not spam this blog by constantly advertising your blog(s).

postYou don’t need to post every day or anything. I certainly don’t. I just ask hat you make some contributions. Whenever you have time. It doesn’t have to be a set schedule.

I will announce the results later! Thank you so much!



100 Followers- Pt 2: You Guys

Here’s the second part of my thank you to 100 followers! Ok, it’s been way too long. Sorry for procrastinating. //cringes//

My last post

And this post is about you guys! I am going to thank some of you! I am mostly going to choose off of who I talk to/know most I guess, and partly random. Sorry if I didn’t do you. If you are still reading my blog, and didn’t see your name here, please comment below if you want me to do one for you, and I gladly will reply you!

I suggest you press ctrl F on your computer to find your name if you don’t want to read the whole thing.

Little Miss Bambi: You were one of the first people to talk to me on WordPress, and I am very grateful!

Emily: You started out as my bffl on Fantage, and now we are so much more! I love messaging you by email. I’ve never felt so close to someone by just messaging by email!

Moonshinezodiac: You’re so cool and chill! I love it. I enjoy your posts a lot, they’re so fun to read! 🙂

Blizz99: Your posts are so helpful! You always seem to be helping people out and giving advice. I admire your drive to guide other people.

Skylieann: I love reading your blog! You put a lot of effort into making long, descriptive posts, and you’re so relatable and nice!

Sally duck: Your posts are short and funny. I like how you’re a duck! xD

Simplyadaina: You can get excited and weird, and I love that! Your posts are so silly and fun.

Infinitmagic: I KNOW YOU. [don’t worry, she’s my sister, I don’t need to write a proper thank you, lol.]

ElysiaRiddle: You are soo sweet and kind! Such a likable person, I feel like it would be impossible for someone to dislike you! Also, you’re boss at making cakes. xD

Piya17: I know you don’t come on anymore, but I miss you so much! 😦 Your crazy, enthusiastic posts always made me happy.

Yuki-chan/Kit-KatCarrot: You’re really nice, and so passionate! You do a good job of putting your fangirling into words on a post. Most fangirls, including me, can’t make our fangirling understandable to normal humans. LOL.

Nutella Bae: GOM, you are so fun and cool! I love your posts and comments, they’re so hilarious and make me laugh. 😀

Pandaflower11: Your energy and enthusiasm impresses me! Always optimistic, always light. It makes everyone else happy too!

AnnaArso: You’re so unique! Your posts are so funny, and they leave me thinking long afterward. Not only do you write funny things, you can also be super smart and helpful!

Sooo yeah. Hope you guys enjoyed. Remember to comment below if your name wasn’t there, and I’ll be happy to do one for you.

Next part (raffle) coming soon! (By soon, I mean in a while. You know how I am.)


2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,600 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

WOW! Thank you all so much. I never even imagined this. I thought no one would ever discover me.

But views and likes do not matter. What matters is you guys. I have made so many friends, and that is the most important aspect of my blogging, by far.

I love you all, have a great day. You have made many of my days great. 🙂


100 Followers- Pt. 1: Thank You. 


harry potter celebrationWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Thank you all so much. I love each and every one of you, and you’ve made blogging one of my best experiences yet.

It’s unbelievable what WordPress has brought into my life. Your comments and posts make me grin like an idiot.

I love you guys. Really.

keyboard love

I’ve decided not to let this get more deep and long than it needs to be. Yay.

Anyways, it does mean a lot to me, and I really hope you understand that. 

Who knew a blogging community could be this great?  Like come on, we’re the best! 🙂

Thank you. Yes, you. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to make this journey without you.

But the journey is not over. 

It is a wave, crashing on the shore. It doesn’t just end. When the tide recedes, it comes back again. And it washes away at the shore, wiping away at footprints and marks, leaving a smooth, new surface. But it also brings things. Seashells, seaweed, and the alike.

beautiful wave


Also, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!!! I’m glad I could express my thanks for you all on this special day. 🙂

100 Followers- Pt. 3: Raffle!

Note: I should have done this a LONG time ago, but I never got to finish.

This is Part 3, the raffle! Click to see part 1 and part 2.

Okay, now on to the exciting part. The part you’ll care about most. A raffle!! My first raffle, too.

How to Enter

  • Like this post
  • Reblog and comment, “We are potatoes!”
  • Comment how many entries you have (you can write this in the reblog)

Extra Entries

  • Follow this blog (or if you’re already following) +1
  • Follow Mellifluous Memories or already be following +1
  • Send or post art +4
  • Write me a tbh I the comments (what you think of me). Don’t sugarcoat it or say things just to be nice! Just tell me what you really think. +2-3 entries depending on length

That gives you a chance at 10 entries total! 🙂 I will use a list randomizer to find winners.

Please do not unfollow right after the raffle ends. This means you are putting others at a disadvantage when they deserve the entry more.

Prizes!!!! There will be three winners.

  1. A colored drawing, like all your pages, shoutout on the sidebar, custom Fantage edit
  2. Pencil drawing, like all your pages, Fantage edit
  3. Small sketch, like all pages, Fantage edit

Note: I know I don’t really have cool prizes. I don’t really have gold anymore. Maybe in the future. Sorry 😦   Hopefully the drawings and edits turn out awesome, though!.

If this post reaches 25 likes, I will post some galleries of my art and photos on my main blog. That’s gonna take a looong time. ono

If we reach 30 likes, I’ll do a Q&A!! I don’t know, man. What do people do to celebrate on a blog?

Again, thank you all so much for all the support and love! I really appreciate you guys. Ilysm. ❤



I feel like there’s just not much to post. For Fantage, at least.

Especially since now, I’m making a bunch of posts all at once, and scheduling them for later.


Many of our posts are unrelated to Fantage.

I consider our “Fantage Blogging Community” more than just Fantage, though…. Definitely.