Fantage Easter 2016 2Fantage Easter 2016 1

REVIEW: I like the first hair. The bunny’s cute. and I see what they did there, making the feet separate to get more gold. Last set is kinda cute, I guess. Cool colors.

Fantage swEGG!LOL swEGG

Fantage Easter 2016 6

REVIEW: You could probably make some pretty cool outfits with the dress and bow. Not gonna complain about the large flare on the dress. It’s new, and it’s different! Cute board!

Next two sets are okay. I like the blue bow better. ūüėõ And that last hair looks weird.

Fantage Easter 2016 3Lots of people in the Forest for the egg decorating, I suppose. DARN YOU FANTAGE. (Jk, jk, lol) I LOVED THE FOREST. It was a beautiful, somewhat quiet spot, but now it’s a mini Downtown. THANKS.

Fantage Easter 2016 4Self-explanatory.

Fantage Easter 2016 5And it’s another team collecting event, by the way.

Overall… I’m not too impressed.I guess the egg decorating game is good, though. And I like the backgrounds for the information popups¬†with the cute bunnies and decorated eggs. Like the one above ^



New Items Feb 2016

Ah, I see the Fantage community has been posting about the new items! Well, I’m late, but here we go!

These are all the items!

Fantage New Items Feb 2016



Green Set

Board is awesome, but way too expensive! Grr.

I like the skirt. It’s nice.

Peach Set

The board is pretty cute, but looks kinda weird when worn…

The sweater’s pretty popular! I’ve seen some styling posts for it.

I like how the ribbon in the hair matches the skirt. Many outfit opportunities there.

“Rebellious” Set

This might be kind of an unpopular opinion, but I actually really like this set! It’s super cool, and… dare I say the best set? I mean, it’s the least expensive/it’s for nons. The matching is on fleek. Idk, I think it looks better as a set in general than the others. Of course, if you compare item by item, my opinion be more split.

Everyone else thinks it’s creepy.¬†The other ones are cute and all, but this one is very cool. Loving the skulls. >:)¬†Ahaha, typical of me to like this kind of set.



OOTD 45+ New Items: My Opinions

Many of you have been posting about the new Fantage items, so I decided to add a few of my opinions.

Fantage New Items Jan 2016

First hair (blue hat): The shiny lines on the bangs look weird. It looks a bit better when you actually try it on your avatar though.

Second hair (red):¬†Doesn’t look that good in this picture here, but it looks really nice when you wear it. I really like it! It’s pretty.

Third hair: I like this one, too. May not seem like much, but it looks awesome if you have the right items to go with it.

Sapphire Blue Overcoat: Super cute. Love the fur trim.

Sapphire skirt, shoes, and gloves:¬†They match the overcoat really well! Gloves are a cool idea but I don’t think I’d wear them, much less buy them.

Second two shoes: Well, they’re shoes. They can only get so exciting. If you pair them well with other items, they could look cool.

Second outfit: Definitely an interesting new style. Opens up possibilities for character style/personality and role play, I suppose. I like it.

Third outfit: Eh. It’s okay I guess.

Boards: Are you kidding me? That is way too expensive. No way.

I thought I didn’t like these items, but now that I thought about them, tried them on at the shops, and commented, they’re not all that bad.


Fantage OOTD 45.JPG

I tried using the new items to make an outfit.

The top is nice, and gives a feeling of warmth and almost hiding beneath your scarf.



It’s Winter, and I have some outfits and tips for things you should wear!¬†

You could comment your favorites, but that might take a while, lol. If you do, thank you so much!

I hope you read all the way through. It’s kind of long, but there’s something special at the end!


Here’s the first set. These may seem ironic, because of the fire and warmth, but you do need to keep yourself warm in the Winter!

These outfits are less about Winter theme (blue, white, Christmas accessories, etc.). They are more about what someone might wear during the season!

Fantage Winter Outfit 4The whole outfit looks really warm, perfect for the freezing Winter days when you just want to have a nice fire going and some hot chocolate.

Fantage Winter Outfit 5You can still be stylish in Winter, when it’s cold! You just need a pinch of¬†color coordination and some cute, trendy items!

Fantage Winter Outfit 7I did incorporate a bit of blue in this one, but there is still the hair (with the hat) and the shirt (with a matching jacket) that gives it that warm tone.

Fantage Winter Outfit 6This one proves you can still be fashionable while staying warm and comfy! For the fashionistas out there, hope you like it.


These following outfits are less about warmth and keeping cozy during the Winter season.

However, they are not quite Wintery-themed and blue.

Fantage Winter Outfit 2Going on a skiing trip! This outfit is perfect, not to mention unique! Put on your purple skiing goggles, a puffy jacket, and don’t forget your skiis!¬†Woosh.

Fantage Winter Outfit 1Use some color coordination and turn into a beautiful snow angel! Er, no… not the one you make in the ground. Um, oh well.

Fantage Winter Outfit 3As you can tell by now, I am in love with this hat and hair.

Fantage Winter Outfit 8Let’s just pretend that board is actually snow, ok? Anyways, I absolutely adore the green and brown matching on this one.

Fantage Winter Outfit 9I love this cardigan! It goes well with many bottoms– for example, maroon pants, faded red shorts, and red skirts similar to this one! Add a nice scarf to keep your neck warm.

Fantage Winter Outfit 10Okay, you’re gonna get cold in this one. Whether you’re going to dance in a ballet (The Nutcracker, perhaps?), perform in a play, or just go out for a fancy dinner, this¬†outfit is stunning and elegant!


This last section is going to be festive and Winter/Christmas themed! These outfits are pretty self-explanatory, and I don’t have much to comment about them.

Fantage Winter Outfit 11

Fantage Winter Outfit 12

Fantage Winter Outfit 13

Fantage Winter Outfit 14

Fantage Winter Outfit 15Sorry it’s so similar, lol.

Other great blue items to wear (aka a bunch of blue items from my inventory):

Fantage Blue Items


Thanks for reading this long post! I feel pretty good about it. Finally I made a post with actual quality.

And I’ve decided to do a little something for Winter! Yay! I’m excited.

Send me pictures of your Winter outfits on Fantage, and I will feature them in the next post and comment what I think! I will give you credit, of course. Email me at crystal.zijing@gmail.com.


Unicorn Event

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the Unicorn Event came out on Fantage!

I’m not posting pictures or whatever because I don’t have the time for that and I’m on my phone.

Anyways, you’re probably aware of it already. 

I think the items are beooutiful!! Really nice items. ūüôā

The Unicorn Egg Hatching thing is a  cool new way to use gems. If you have a ton of rubies from daily attendance that you can’t use (b/c you have all the rares), it’s a great way to spend them! 

And of course, you can always leave the game running on your computer as you do something else. As long as you check back within each 15 mins.