TWO Kiosks.

Hey guys. I have two kiosks today! (One is a side account.) The first is 3 days and the second is 1.


Fantage Kiosk 4

Stained Glass: 3,000

Glacier: 3,000

Cleo’s Sandals: 500

All are for the minimum!!!


Fantage Kiosk 5

Purple Midnight: 3,000

Punk Schoolgirl: 500

Peppermint: 1,000

All are minimum!!!

Some other things I am willing to sell:

Fantage MyMall Selling Items

I can sell most of these for the minimum price.



Kiosk 49D6 (Other Account)

It’s for seven days (I actually got it from Lucky Bot omg xD )

Fantage Kiosk 2Click to enlarge


Selling sunset pigtails, adorable pink ribbon, worker’s outift, magical frog wand, and winter belle top.

Other items I am willing to sell:

Fantage MyMall Selling Items

If you want one of these items, just comment, and we can figure out a reasonable price!

Thanks guys!


Kiosk! 20C-7

Fantage Kiosk

Loose Side Bun (like, my favorite hairstyle ever xD ) for 1,100 gold

Stained Glass RC for 3,000 gold (MINIMUM)

Icarus Rocket Suit for 1,000 gold (MINIMUM)

Cleopatra’s Sandals for 500 gold (MINIMUM)

Violet and Gold Board for 1,000 gold (MINIMUM)

I also have some other things to offer, if you’d like.

  • Limited Easter Bunny Head (starred, for nons)
  • Limited Spiky Hair (starred, for nons)
  • Limited Purple and Yellow Jester shirt (starred, for nons)
  • Bright Green Dress (coined)
  • Teal School Dress (coined)
  • Green Glow Shoes (tomato event; coined)
  • Limited Mad Hatter’s Hat (starred, for nons)
  • Sparkling Tiara (coined)
  • Pink 2010 Visor (coined)