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Hello, everyone! Huge announcement! For the very first time, I will be hiring workers on Fantage Echo! Here’s some important information for you.

If you want to apply, please send me the following form with your answers.



fantage.pngThis is a Fantage blog, so if you’ve never played Fantage and you’re not going to…. sorry, but I won’t be hiring you.

captain america language.pngPlease keep it family friendly! No cursing or “bad” words.

spam.jpgPlease do not spam this blog by constantly advertising your blog(s).

postYou don’t need to post every day or anything. I certainly don’t. I just ask hat you make some contributions. Whenever you have time. It doesn’t have to be a set schedule.

I will announce the results later! Thank you so much!



How I Decorated My Houses for Valentine’s Day

I know it’s kind of late, but I didn’t get a chance before. Here are my houses, redecorated for Valentine’s Day (yesterday).

House #1! (Side Account- Calypso)


I got rid of the Fall-themed decorations, and replaced them with some nice pieces with flowers and a knight guarding the door to add to the romance/fairy tale kind of vibe. Idk.

Fantage Autumn House- Valentine Decorations 1


Used some furniture from the past Valentine’s Day (I gifted myself from my other accounts, LOL). Also some nice-looking starter and Lucky bot items.

There’s the bright red Valentine’s theme, and the more natural, pastel theme with pink, gold, etc. The phone is for any baaeees that might call yhu on Valentine’s Daaaayyy. :3

Fantage Autumn House- Valentine Decorations 2



Looks a bit more unnatural with the Fall style clashing with the Valentine’s Day theme.

I love the way the heart weave thing works with the red tree. It could be better of course, but it’s great for two things that were not pixeled to specifically go together.

The gazebo and tent are like places to stay on a date of some sorts, and the candles are supposed to be romantic, floating through the water.

Fantage Autumn House- Valentine Decorations 3


House #2! (Main Account- Annabeth)

Well, okay. I also have an Autumn themed one. I guess I really like Autumn, huh? It’s that limited Tree House one from a little while back. I decided to instead do my Rubix Cube home.


Theme 1

This look was made with natural items. I love the green pink, white and gold! Take a look around. The colors of the items go great together! The roses are perfect, and it all looks so romantic.

It’s out of place though, because the house is so modern. But, I just realized, the house has pink, green, and gold/yellow-orange too! All it needs is white instead of blue. (woah, that just rhymed).

Fantage Rubix Cube House Valentine Decorations 1a

Theme 2

I admit, this isn’t very Valentine-themed. Like, where have the pinks and reds gone, right?

Oh well. I still love this though, and couldn’t help it! Don’t get me started on the color matching of the furniture. The dragon, car, and fountain look great! I think they were meant for that home that looks like a beautiful crystal palace. Woo!

Fantage Rubix Cube House Valentine Decorations 1b


Oops, I suppose this doesn’t look like it was decorated for Valentine’s Day, either, but it’s okay. After all, even if that’s what this post is about, it’s okay to mix it up a bit! Right? Heh.

Fifty shades of brown! Haha. I know, the chair just made it creepy…

Fantage Rubix Cube House Valentine Decorations 2


I did two again for this one. First has bright red, second is more light and pastel. Sort of like the inside for the first home, I guess. I just split it so there are two pictures– one for each theme– instead of mashing them together.

Theme 1

I’m happy with how all the red and yellow turned out! The teddy bears make it look kind of weird though. And they match some items from the next theme!

Fantage Rubix Cube House Valentine Decorations 3a

Theme 2

Ok, so maybe this is a bit crazy… and it doesn’t blend or match well. It was meant to be all light purple and pink, and pretty, but…

So the hanging seat and tree table are nice together, but don’t fit anything else… And then there’s everything else… and… you know what? Nevermind.

Fantage Rubix Cube House Valentine Decorations 3b

Thanks for reading all of this!

Making this post was fun! But long. Really long. Well, that’s good, I guess. Since I’m not into Fantage much anymore and never know what to post about. This is good! Found my inner stylistic self decorating rooms. Well, I didn’t find it. More like… awakened it again.

Did you guys notice my photos have been blurry recently? I don’t know why. It’s really annoying me. They look fine when I take the screenshot, but when I upload to WP, they look fuzzy.

Also, I’m really fortunate to have good houses on Fantage! I’ve never been a member, so I’ve saved up, and I’m really glad! There are so many cool houses on Fantage…

Speaking of houses, a long time ago, I made a bunch of spare accounts, and used the ecoins from the tutorials to buy a house and themed furniture items. Would you guys like to see how I decorated those?


Oookay, so…

I was on Fantage, coming up with outfits for a post, when this girl comes up to me, asking if I want a gift. I had just closed out of my inventory and I saw the text showing up.

I said ok, but asked a lot if she was sure, and said I felt bad, and she was very generous.

We went downtown, and she said she gifted me. She asked for a gift in return, which confused me.

I didn’t have any gold, so I couldn’t get it. I told her that I would try to gift her back when I got more gold (by getting MyMall permission and selling).

She kept saying I had to pay her back, and told me to buy gold. I said no, I can’t. I said I was sorry many times and asked her how I could pay her back.

She increased her text size and started “yelling” that it wasn’t fair because she gifted me, and I had to buy gold and gift her.

I tried to explain that I couldn’t, and I was sorry, and I could pay her back later, but she just ignored me and kept yelling. Eventually, she said I was rude and deleted me.

I was so confused… when I asked if she was sure, she said “Yes. The point is to gift someone else.”, and then she tells me it’s not fair and I have to gift her back. She never told me before that she wanted a gift back. Otherwise, I would have said I couldn’t, because I don’t have gold.

It’s all kind of sketchy, because I did not see a gift in my inventory. I’m not sure if she was tricking me or not, though. Maybe she just didn’t really understand.

Anyway, if she did gift me, but it was a glitch and didn’t work or something, I am sorry I couldn’t gift her back, because that’s clearly what she intended. Even if she didn’t tell me beforehand and acted like it was a one-way thing. Which Fantage gifting usually is. If you’re going to gift someone and have them gift back, you might as well buy it yourself.


OOTDs 41 and 42: What I’m Wearing for the New Year

Happy New Year! Here’s what I’m wearing on Fantage today.

Fantage OOTD 41Pink, yellow, green, blue! The green and blue look similar at first glance. Lots of pink matching. My dress is sparkly and I’m wearing a large smile to stand out!

Fantage OOTD 42This is not nearly as flashy as some other outfits I’ve seen. It’s fairly simple, and really elegant! The black dress and shoes create a mysterious but beautiful mood, and the blue makes it more bold and royal.

The earrings blend in with the background though, and the board could’ve been a better shade.


100 Followers- Pt 2: You Guys

Here’s the second part of my thank you to 100 followers! Ok, it’s been way too long. Sorry for procrastinating. //cringes//

My last post

And this post is about you guys! I am going to thank some of you! I am mostly going to choose off of who I talk to/know most I guess, and partly random. Sorry if I didn’t do you. If you are still reading my blog, and didn’t see your name here, please comment below if you want me to do one for you, and I gladly will reply you!

I suggest you press ctrl F on your computer to find your name if you don’t want to read the whole thing.

Little Miss Bambi: You were one of the first people to talk to me on WordPress, and I am very grateful!

Emily: You started out as my bffl on Fantage, and now we are so much more! I love messaging you by email. I’ve never felt so close to someone by just messaging by email!

Moonshinezodiac: You’re so cool and chill! I love it. I enjoy your posts a lot, they’re so fun to read! 🙂

Blizz99: Your posts are so helpful! You always seem to be helping people out and giving advice. I admire your drive to guide other people.

Skylieann: I love reading your blog! You put a lot of effort into making long, descriptive posts, and you’re so relatable and nice!

Sally duck: Your posts are short and funny. I like how you’re a duck! xD

Simplyadaina: You can get excited and weird, and I love that! Your posts are so silly and fun.

Infinitmagic: I KNOW YOU. [don’t worry, she’s my sister, I don’t need to write a proper thank you, lol.]

ElysiaRiddle: You are soo sweet and kind! Such a likable person, I feel like it would be impossible for someone to dislike you! Also, you’re boss at making cakes. xD

Piya17: I know you don’t come on anymore, but I miss you so much! 😦 Your crazy, enthusiastic posts always made me happy.

Yuki-chan/Kit-KatCarrot: You’re really nice, and so passionate! You do a good job of putting your fangirling into words on a post. Most fangirls, including me, can’t make our fangirling understandable to normal humans. LOL.

Nutella Bae: GOM, you are so fun and cool! I love your posts and comments, they’re so hilarious and make me laugh. 😀

Pandaflower11: Your energy and enthusiasm impresses me! Always optimistic, always light. It makes everyone else happy too!

AnnaArso: You’re so unique! Your posts are so funny, and they leave me thinking long afterward. Not only do you write funny things, you can also be super smart and helpful!

Sooo yeah. Hope you guys enjoyed. Remember to comment below if your name wasn’t there, and I’ll be happy to do one for you.

Next part (raffle) coming soon! (By soon, I mean in a while. You know how I am.)