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Check out my changes for Spring! ^_^

Fantage Echo preview

Hello, everyone! Huge announcement! For the very first time, I will be hiring workers on Fantage Echo! Here’s some important information for you.

If you want to apply, please send me the following form with your answers.



fantage.pngThis is a Fantage blog, so if you’ve never played Fantage and you’re not going to…. sorry, but I won’t be hiring you.

captain america language.pngPlease keep it family friendly! No cursing or “bad” words.

spam.jpgPlease do not spam this blog by constantly advertising your blog(s).

postYou don’t need to post every day or anything. I certainly don’t. I just ask hat you make some contributions. Whenever you have time. It doesn’t have to be a set schedule.

I will announce the results later! Thank you so much!



100 Followers- Pt 2: You Guys

Here’s the second part of my thank you to 100 followers! Ok, it’s been way too long. Sorry for procrastinating. //cringes//

My last post

And this post is about you guys! I am going to thank some of you! I am mostly going to choose off of who I talk to/know most I guess, and partly random. Sorry if I didn’t do you. If you are still reading my blog, and didn’t see your name here, please comment below if you want me to do one for you, and I gladly will reply you!

I suggest you press ctrl F on your computer to find your name if you don’t want to read the whole thing.

Little Miss Bambi: You were one of the first people to talk to me on WordPress, and I am very grateful!

Emily: You started out as my bffl on Fantage, and now we are so much more! I love messaging you by email. I’ve never felt so close to someone by just messaging by email!

Moonshinezodiac: You’re so cool and chill! I love it. I enjoy your posts a lot, they’re so fun to read! 🙂

Blizz99: Your posts are so helpful! You always seem to be helping people out and giving advice. I admire your drive to guide other people.

Skylieann: I love reading your blog! You put a lot of effort into making long, descriptive posts, and you’re so relatable and nice!

Sally duck: Your posts are short and funny. I like how you’re a duck! xD

Simplyadaina: You can get excited and weird, and I love that! Your posts are so silly and fun.

Infinitmagic: I KNOW YOU. [don’t worry, she’s my sister, I don’t need to write a proper thank you, lol.]

ElysiaRiddle: You are soo sweet and kind! Such a likable person, I feel like it would be impossible for someone to dislike you! Also, you’re boss at making cakes. xD

Piya17: I know you don’t come on anymore, but I miss you so much! 😦 Your crazy, enthusiastic posts always made me happy.

Yuki-chan/Kit-KatCarrot: You’re really nice, and so passionate! You do a good job of putting your fangirling into words on a post. Most fangirls, including me, can’t make our fangirling understandable to normal humans. LOL.

Nutella Bae: GOM, you are so fun and cool! I love your posts and comments, they’re so hilarious and make me laugh. 😀

Pandaflower11: Your energy and enthusiasm impresses me! Always optimistic, always light. It makes everyone else happy too!

AnnaArso: You’re so unique! Your posts are so funny, and they leave me thinking long afterward. Not only do you write funny things, you can also be super smart and helpful!

Sooo yeah. Hope you guys enjoyed. Remember to comment below if your name wasn’t there, and I’ll be happy to do one for you.

Next part (raffle) coming soon! (By soon, I mean in a while. You know how I am.)


A wonderful Day.

OMG IKR I saw a friend on Fantage the day before yesterday and I totally freaked out.

Fantage Spy

Hey Guys! So, you guys probably know the feeling where you see a really old friend on Fantage. There’s these two girls that I havent seen in about 2 years and I saw them today… Both at the same time! I was so excited, and I was literally crying tears in real life because I was so excited to see them. Their names are Hananip and Skye_lynn. They are the most wonder-fullest, friends in the world and I couldn’t ask for more. We had a great time catching up and laughing. It was such a wonderful day. Here are some pictures:

hana rainbow

I love them so so much.

It’s so great meeting your old friends on Fantage. Comment down below some of your old friends that you havent seen in 1+ years, and if they were here today, what would you say to them?


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Uh what do I call this…..?

Hey 4emily2!

So, I found a chance to write a post. I thought it would be pretty quick.

So…. I’m in Eastern Time. xD

And I actually might not be able to log on any time this week.

I forgot that I have lots of stuff going on after school.

But….. when I log on, it’s usually extremely quickly anyways.

I may be able to come for a longer time on Saturday? Not sure, but I will definitely try.

If all fails, then we can chat in the comments or by email, if you wish. :mrgreen:


Thank you for being one of the rare Fantage buddies who will actually log on and talk, and is just generally amazing. Those real friends can be hard to find on Fantage. 🙂

And thanks to the other followers of this blog, too. You guys are very nice about my spamming you with random content, somewhat frequently. Well, I guess I could be worse. But that’s not exactly comforting, is it? // sigh

K. Again, thanks for bearing with me, guys. I try.



Hi Kai if you’re reading this, which you’re probably not… HERRO! Just doing a rlly quick post. HI! If you are, for some reason, comment below. O.O That sounded weird/cheesy



Well… I did actually miss you.

















*laughs like a maniac*

K. Bye. [Like Pinkerellie… lol AGAIN.]

In a rush now… I’ll write more/comment later. And explain this weird post to the few other ppl out there actually reading my blog [a.k.a. cloud82 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)]