Fantage Wings

Fantage Wing thing 1Fantage Wing thing 2

Outfits from before:

Fantage OOTD 32Fantage OOTD 45Fantage Mem item outfit 8Fantage Mem item outfit 12Fantage Winter Outfit 10Fantage Winter Outfit 1Fantage Valentine Fashion 11Fantage Valentine Fashion 13Fantage outfit 2(last one is not mine)

And then THIS happened a while ago….

Fantage WingsThe board of the dude behind me makes it look like I’ve got wings.

And so I edited into this.

Fantage Wings Edit



Beach Edit Pack

Ok, so like, out of nowhere, I just opened Paint, looked through my files and chose an outfit, and started editing……?

I have no idea how I even got started making an edit pack. This was not what I intended. But oh well.

Here you go! //plops//

Beach Girl

What do you think?

And you can use it, just credit me, Sapphire Fire. Don’t steal/claim as yours. Oh and it took a good amount of time, so please don’t use the final product.