I guess this is it.

Well, okay. Not quite the ending I had envisioned, but what can you do?

I’m a little disappointed that not many people seemed to care I’m leaving. I guess I just thought we were an idealistic, huge group of great friends who shared much more than a common blogging system.

So… I guess I’m just leaving like that. I don’t think there’s much I’m willing to put into social media platforms right now. In a while, I might find a new way to share that doesn’t take too much commitment.

I don’t want to be bound to something, like I have to post or be active to be remembered by friends/to be able to share and communicate with other people.

I don’t think I’m making much sense right now, but I’m rushing because I should have finished this draft a long time ago.

Sorry for my lack of commitment recently.


I’m not trying to start anything- I’m really not. I’m just wondering whether anyone else will actually care that I’m leaving. When people quit in this community, I feel like a whole bunch of people jump in to say how much they’re going to miss whoever it is. When people reach a certain amount of followers, they write a hyper, excited post with many thanks and “I love you”s. When there’s a raffle, people jump reblog, like, comment.

I don’t even know anymore, though. I thought we were more of a community. But I suppose it’s harder online than in real life. We’ve been through a lot, though- there’s no denying that. “Drama,” support, and so much more. We were quick to make moves- whether it be liking or accusing. But in the end…. I felt like we were all happy to call each other friends. More than happy- proud. WordPress was pretty huge for me a year ago. I told my friends about it, I laughed at your posts, and I spent a lot of time reading.

I won’t deny that any of this happened. But maybe it’s time to remember and move on. I do wish more of my friends here could have reached out to me when I was preparing to quit, but…

It’s okay though. I haven’t been going on the reader and interacting with you guys recently. I shouldn’t expect much in return just because I’m permanently leaving. I know it’s summer and I shouldn’t be so busy…

I should have posted this a long time ago, but I just came back from a three week camp.

Anyways, thank you so, so much to those who commented on my “Quitting?” post. Your comments were genuine and sweet, and really did help me. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you, Boltie, Anna, and Amethyst. I am so glad you commented; it made a big difference. We should definitely keep in touch.

I’m sorry, guys. I’m done with sugar-coated words, empty promises, useless posts, and hanging from a thin thread. It’s not fair to the people who actually take their own time to read what I post.

If I’m not going to post, I should really just end it and not leave people hanging. So it’s official then; it’s over.




17 thoughts on “I guess this is it.

  1. Hi Sapphire. I am not within your age group, that’s why sometimes, I don’t like to butt into convos that u share with your peers. You’re right, you shouldnt feel obligated to post something for the sake of being “active”— I have skipped posting due to my busy sched at work and as a mom and I don’t think anyone noticed 😉 or whether anyone cared, but I blog for me as my catharsis to what I feel and what I want to release from within, meeting u and the rest of this community is one awesome bonus, like a cherry on top!

    People do care. Perhaps it was a busy day for them or they dont know what to say… But as an elder friend in blogosphere, I’d say blog for you… Whenever, wherever…

    I’d miss u. Even if I am way old, and you dont talk to me much… I know u, i am fascinated by you and your support for your sister. How u had her start blogging, how u were playing instruments walls apart from each other, how your dad got sick, how u strongly handle the situation with your sis… How u like my posts whenever u can… I do know u…

    I may not count as much, but u made a difference in this circle…

    Be well!

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  2. Yes we should whenever you’re missing the community, I am just here. I’ve seen a lot of people in the blog world, i guess my generation pioneered blogging, regardless of age, we meet at one particular interest… Writing and connecting! God bless!

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  3. You’re welcome for commenting! You’re one of the first people I’ve followed, so of course I have some sort of attachment.
    I think you got less attention because most people already quit. No one is really active, so…
    How would you like to stay in touch? I’m online often in Google Hangouts, but you can contact me through Skype too. 🙂
    Hope you have a fun life out there though!

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    1. Yes, that’s true. I do wish I got to know all my friends here more personally before people started to get more busy and be less active.
      That would be awesome! We definitely should.
      Thanks! You too. 🙂


      1. Like online chatting?
        I’m most used to text messaging and Google Hangouts, but if there’s something you use that you’d suggest, I could definitely try something new!


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